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Make wall-pounding beats and blazing instrumentals, with nothing but your computer keyboard and imagination. BTV is an award-winning virtual instrument that brings together a pattern-based sequencer, multi-effect mixer. Watch the overview video or read more below. Instant digital download. 60-day 100% money-back guarantee

Product Description

Get a powerful 16 track sequencer, over 1,000 premium sounds kits and instruments, a built in mixer, effects rack, and sample editing. As an aspiring producer BTV offers you a standalone solution with all the essential tools to get started making amazing music.

"We wanted to create a product for all the people who aspired to be record producers but didn't know where to start, or they didn't know how to get the equipment, or it wasn't really accessible…That's why we went back and created Beat Thang Virtual SOLO."—2x Grammy Winner Dallas Austin

We all know, creative inspiration comes from the ride side of your brain. Using audio software often relies heavily on the left side of your brain, requiring you to think logically about the software functions you wish to perform. This left-brain thinking often diminishes the artistry of your music making process, possibly without you even realizing it.

BTV is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. There are no complicated shift functions or x0x’-style programming or other alternatives.

BTV isn’t lacking the common functions you’ll need, they’re just better organized. All the important functions for creating music have been given their own button. The rest of them have been moved conveniently out of view, just one click away, ready and waiting when you need them. This means that you get improved access to your creative inspiration, so you can create better music without barriers.

Create without boundaries: Get the standalone interface that is simple, elegant and organized. Perform, sequence, mix, and master with an award winning standalone interface that’s easy enough for a beginner, but powerful enough for discerning professionals.

To make original beats, simply tap your computer keyboard keys. The keys are tied to velocity-sensitive pads on the interface. You first enter Edit mode, hit record and, using the metronome for reference, play. To add further drums or instruments, select a new track and play more.

Lay down beats or arrange melodies across 8 octaves of keypads. 16 samples per pad gives you emotive control that's simple and accessible, so you can capture your wildest imagination in real-time.

Internal Sequencer
Arrange patterns in real time over 16 tracks (internal or external). Adjustable swing, bar length (per track), quantize, and PPQ settings give you flexibility.

MIDI Control
Connect MIDI controllers, keyboards, sound modules, and more. Send MIDI information and let BTV be a master or a slave when connected with other gear.

Easily create your unique sound: Create Custom Kits Fast
Design original kits and instruments with BTV's onboard constructor. Use Keyspan feature to stretch samples across multiple octaves to create your own melodic instruments in seconds. Build drum kits and melodic instruments with velocity control of up to 16 samples per pad controlled by assignable start and end velocities, mute groups, and more.

60 built-in effects plus mixing
Use over 60 preset effects in your productions and live shows or create your own. Add reverbs, delays, filters, phasers, flangers, vibratos and choruses. Adjust each channel's volume, panning, pitch, effects sends and more using BTV's built-in mixer.

Edit & Master
Onboard compression, limiting, EQ and more lets you add impact and depth to your finished productions. Quickly edit your samples in real-time. Non-destructive sample chops and full waveform editing lets you adjust volume, panning, pitch, cutoff, resonance, start/end points, ADSR, and more.

Import and Export
Import your own 16- or 24-bit .wav or .aiff files of your samples, chops, loops, and more for quick editing and/or use in your productions and live shows. Perform live exports or batch exports of your songs, patterns, tracks (channels), or pads as individual stereo .wav files in 16- or 24-bit 48kHz quality.
This product is a Digital Download.

Additional Information

Total preset sound library

1,500 total samples and synths

Drum Kits

50 drum kits

Instrument kits

50 premium acoustic and electric instrument kits


13 chromatic keypad layout. Use you computer keyboard, a MIDI device or your BEAT THANG as a controller. Layer up to 16 samples per pad, up to 8 banks per track.

Windows System Requirements

Pentium 4 (or greater), 1 GB RAM (or greater), Windows XP (SP 2 recommended) Windows 7 & Vista (32 and 64 bit), 900 MB free space on OS drive, 2 GHz (or greater)

Onboard sampler


Plug in



Arrange patterns in real time over 16-tracks (internal or external). Adjustable swing, bar length (per track), quantize and PPQ settings give you flexibility.


60 built-in effects plus mixing: add reverbs, delays, filters, phasers, flangers, vibratos and choruses and more. Includes onboard compression, limiting, hi-pass and low-pass filters and EQ.


Import your own 16 or 24-bit .wav or .aiff files. Purchase and easily upload BKE Expansion Sound Packs from the BKE online store.


Perform live exports or batch exports of your songs, patterns, tracks (channels), or pads as individual stereo .wav files in 16- or 24-bit 48kHz quality.



Piano roll


Sound synthesis


Added benefits

• Free product updates for life. • Free lifetime priority support from professional sound engineers by phone, email and skype. • Full access to a comprehensive professional video training library. • Access to the BKE social community • Free tips, tricks insider content, contests and giveaways. • 60 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, with just one email.

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